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Special Events & Offerings

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Somatic Stretch & Sound

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Somatic Stretch & Sound is a special event experience held at The Wellness Hub (#335 - 58th Avenue SE, Calgary). Please click here for event dates and registration.

This practice invites you to cultivate a deep connection to your body’s internal landscape by slowing down and moving with your breath, as you discover and explore the unique shapes and forms available to your body. 


During this offering, we release the attachment to set shapes and defined outcomes, and shift the focus to moving with curiosity and ease, within unique ranges that are comfortable and accessible to you, while noticing and honouring any thoughts, feelings, emotions or sensations that emerge along the way.


The gentle body movement practice is followed by deep rest and relaxation, accompanied by a soul-nourishing sound bath (deep gong, handheld gong, crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, chimes and song pods) and time in silence.


This is a gentle effort practice. Please anticipate to be moving slowly, repetitively and mindfully from various positions of sitting on the floor to kneeling, standing or quadruped, along with gentle bending and twisting, and some weight bearing on the wrists. 


Please wear something comfortable that you can easily move and relax in.


Please be sure to bring a yoga mat, some water, and your favourite blanket, pillow and an eye pillow to help enhance your comfort during the deep rest, relaxation and sound bath portion of the evening.


*a supported, restorative yoga savasana setup will be offered for the deep rest, relaxation and sound bath. If you would like to experience this, please bring two large bath towels in addition to the items mentioned above. 


Tickets are non-refundable.

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