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Special Events & Offerings

Please call (403) 796-8646 or email
to discuss private, studio or corporate special event bookings

Yoga, Reiki & Sound

Whether you're looking for a Yoga event, a Reiki event, a Sound Wellness® event or a Fusion event, One Light Spirit Wellness has a wellness event for you.

Yoga Reiki Sound Fusion and Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath events provide unique and immersive experiences for private, studio or corporate special events. These events are often created for groups seeking natural health and wellness practices that focus on stress reduction and relaxation, and include reflective and meditative components, leading to deeper inward connection, stillness and serenity. I work with you to mindfully curate an event suitable for your space and the type of experience you are seeking

These events may include a fusion of the methods and techniques from any aspect of my offerings, some of which include Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Reiki Sonics, Gentle, Yin and/or Restorative Yoga or Sound Wellness® practices.

Please refer to my current and previous event offerings below.

I look forward to discussing opportunities to work with you!

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