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Yoga+Essential Oils

Studio Event - Nov 18, 2023

Photo credit: Katelynn Crosby, Shakaa Yoga

Photo credit: Katelynn Crosby, Shakaa Yoga

"Had an amazing essential oils +yoga class with the amazing @kristastrayer. And to my surprise we had a wonderful surprise @onelightspiritwellness did singing bowls and Reiki, such a treat!

Having Pam in the Yin class was an absolute delight. The enchanting melodies of her singing bowls and the uplifting energy she infused into the class were truly extraordinary. And to top it all off, she introduced us to the magical power of reiki. As a result, the entire class felt remarkably grounded and deeply relaxed."

Katelynn Crosby, Shakaa Yoga
Yoga+Essential Oils Class Participant

Please join Krista Strayer of Flourish Yoga and myself at Alberta Yoga College on Saturday, November 18 from 10:15 to 11:15am.

This is a restorative yin style class with essential oils. Come get pampered and learn how to access deep energy reserves.

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