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Yin & Restore Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath

Studio Event - Dec 27, 2023

The ancient art of sound healing and the innate wisdom of Reiki are mindfully blended together during this deeply relaxing yin-style restorative practice and Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath™ event.


Throughout the evening, music and musical instruments will be played in the studio and around your body. These instruments include the deep earthy bass of the Remo Bahai Buffalo Drum, the sparkling and mysterious sounds of the Zaphir chimes, the soothing tones of the Crystal Tones Alchemy Quartz Singing Bowls™ and the delicate and airy sound of the elusive and rare Song Pod. These instruments emit vibrations and frequencies that help to release stagnant or blocked energy, and create shifts in the body’s energy patterns which help return the natural systems of the body to a state of balance and harmony.


During a session, energetic shifts may occur that support us in raising the vibration of our bodies. These shifts may present in a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical manner, and you are encouraged and supported to honour and allow these shifts to take place as they occur. Because we are individually unique, each person’s experience will be unique, and no two experiences will ever be the same.


You can expect to be on the floor for the duration of the event, supported by props in various poses that are held for lengthier periods of time. Yoga props are provided in-studio; however, you may wish to bring any personal yoga props. During the Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath, you will be relaxed on your mat, and are encouraged to bring a water bottle, your favourite blanket, your favourite pillow and an eye pillow to enhance your comfort.


Still your thoughts and embrace surrender. Sink into longer-held yoga poses that encourage deep tissue release and relaxation. Allow yourself to drift off on the lulling and nurturing waves of sound. Return to a state of balance and harmony, and awaken the healer within.

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