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What People are Saying

Susan T., Restorative Yoga w/Reiki & Sound Client

"My one-on-one personalized sessions with Pam, in the comfort of my home, are ideal. Her restorative yoga session is both relaxing and informative. Pam brings her varied knowledge of energy healing modalities to her sessions. I highly recommend connecting with her so as to connect with and balance your own mind and body."

Cori, In-person Crystal Reiki Client

When I went to see Pam for my chakra Crystal Reiki Session, it was my first time and I wasn't sure what to expect. Pam explained everything to me in great detail and made me feel very relaxed, even before the session. The whole experience was very soothing, warming and peaceful. I came away from the session with a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Thank you, Pam, not only for your professionalism, but also for your caring and dedication to helping people find such tranquility."

Susan D., Relax, Release & Restore Event Participant

"Two months ago there was a special event posted on the website that sounded like something I'd enjoy, having experienced other forms of restorative yoga. It was an amazing experience! The sounds, the sensations, and so much more! The two hours flew by. I now attend each month."

Pam G. Yin & Restore - Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath

“This was most certainly a journey, a high vibrational and magical one. A calm and welcoming ambience set the tone for an evening of relaxation and bliss. With the combination of soft lighting, yoga, meditation, chimes, sound bowls, drums, a majecstic gong, and Pam as our practitioner, we were taken on a safe, loving, gentle journey. Pam has a beautiful and kind energy about her which makes it so easy to let go and fully embrace the experience. I feel rejuvenated, balanced and more self aware than I have felt in a long time. Thank you, Pam."

Cynthia, In-person Crystal Reiki Client

"Pam is such a talented and powerful energy healer. I came in without any experience about Reiki. Pam took the time to explain how it works and how it could help me. I have done several in-person sessions and I can always feel how my energy flows through my body while Pam is working. I felt so lifted, so the weight of generations has been lifted off of my shoulders after each session. I have improved my relationship with my family. I have let go of some of the emotions that had been bothering me. I'm grateful for meeting Pam."

Cassie, In-person Crystal Reiki Client

"Most of my deepest realizations have come from the contemplation and introspection that accompanies journaling, meditation and energy work. For me, that's where the gold is. It brings me closer to SELF. And even though I've practiced Reiki on myself since 1999 and have added many other forms of healing since, I still like that energetic alchemy that results from another person working on me. Especially the right person. If you're in the Calgary area, I highly recommend Pam of One Light Spirit Wellness as a powerful, gentle spaceholder and energy facilitator."

Drew, Distance Crystal Reiki Client

I recently enjoyed the most wonderful Crystal Reiki Distance session with Pam! She is truly amazing. Her knowledge of the crystals and where they should be used most effectively showcased her incredibly gifted intuition and wisdom for the intention that I set for my session. She asked me for my intention and shared the Crystal grid layout and any information I needed along every step of the way and she picked up on so many things I never told her or hardly anyone else either! She shared messages/images she received that she perceived were beneficial for me. I had my session the evening before the Winter Solstice and it was the perfect timing for my session. I asked Pam for a session because I felt stuck and I had worked through so much and had the need for some transformational healing and she provided that and so much more than I could ask, think, dream, or imagine! She is truly gifted. I would gladly have payed thousands of dollars for the shifts that are now occurring for me! Thanks again, Pam!"

Andrea, In-person, Distance & Animal Reiki Client

"Pam is an amazing energy healer and intuitive. Pam did Reiki/energy treatments on both my dog and me. My senior dog tweaked his hip and was limping, and before I could get in to the vet, Pam did a distance healing session in the evening, and he was walking normally again the next day. I have seen Pam for in-person and distance healing sessions to help various issues, like a sore neck and wrist, and, similar to my dog’s experience, my stiffness was gone the next day. As someone who has been doing energy work for 25 years, I am very picky with who I see for energy healing. I trust Pam and can say that she is very gifted, connected to spirit and just a kind soul. I highly recommend Pam for energy work for humans and animals!"

Lori, In-person Crystal Reiki Client

I came to Pam with a headache and had been finding it challenging to open my Third Eye. Having prior experience with Reiki and Pam's skill, I knew we would achieve just that! Pam has a beautiful room set up that is extremely inviting, and upon walking into her session I could feel the energies of the space. It is such a relaxing area to explore a different side of healing I would not normally be accustomed to. The session regarding my Third Eye definitely eased my headache and the energy movement aided in the opening process of this chakra. I can't thank you enough, Pam. My noggin is finally clear and happy. Everytime I have a session with Pam, I am left feeling rejuvenated and lighter. I would highly recommend her services to anyone getting into the world of Reiki and Crystal Healing. Thank you, Pam!

Cindy, Distance Crystal Reiki Client

Reiki with Pam is a lovely, calm, cleansing experience. I wasn't sure what Reiki was all about before meeting with Pam, but found it to be a very meaningful part of my energy healing journey. Pam is a kind, compassionate soul which makes the experience even more amazing. Highly recommend!"

Lindsay, Distance Reiki Client

Thank you again. I can't get over the difference I feel today. I feel like I was trapped in a vortex for a week and couldn't get out. Now I'm back and grounded and ready to take on the world. I will be highly recommending your services.

Laurel, Conscious Relaxation Event Participant

I was honoured to take part in an immersive full moon experience. A beautiful group gathered and immersed in meditation, restorative yoga, sound healing, Reiki, breathwork and receiving messages. It was a profound experience that shed light on many things for me.
Love your passion and gift to help others. It's powerful healing. I love what you do and you are doing an absolutely amazing job."

Donna, Event Participant

Yin & Restore Reiki Drum Journey & Sound Bath Relax, Release & Restore

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