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Relax, Release & Restore

2023 Special New Year's Eve Edition

"Two months ago there was a special event posted on the website that sounded like something I'd enjoy, having experienced other forms of restorative yoga. It was an amazing experience! The sounds, the sensations, and so much more! The two hours flew by. I now attend each month."

Susan D.
Relax, Release & Restore Event Participant

"Thank you @onelightspiritwellness for your amazing sound bath and restoration. The vibrations you produce are sensational.


What does it mean to chill? Send yourself to @onelightspiritwellness at @wildfloweryogacollective. Cannot tell you the experience because it is so amazing. You have to go to one to find out! Breathless and speechless."

Relax, Release & Restore Event Participant

NYE Dec WFY Restorative Soundscape Experience.png

Relax, Release & Restore is a special Restorative Yoga Soundscape Experience that is held monthly at Wildflower Yoga Collective (#185-4039 Brentwood Rd NW, Calgary). Please click here for event dates and registration.


This special New Year's Eve Edition includes an end of year reflection with journaling prompts and intention setting for the new year.

A Relax, Release & Restore Restorative Yoga Soundscape Experience offers you a comfortable and nurturing environment to relax deeply, release tension and restore balance.


During a session, you are invited to go inward and create a deep connection between your body, mind and spirit, as you immerse yourself in the soothing and comforting sounds of Quartz Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Reiki Drumming and nurturing sound harmonics, while melting into fully supported, passive restorative yoga poses.

You can expect to be on the floor for the duration of the event, supported by props in various poses that are held for lengthier periods of time (5+ minutes), allowing your body, mind and spirit the time to relax deeply, release tension and restore balance. Modifications will be offered to meet individual needs and ensure maximum comfort.


A simple breath work meditation leads us into the session, followed by the restorative yoga soundscape experience. As you sink into each pose, musical instruments will be played in the studio and around your body. The crystal singing bowls, the drum and other sound instruments emit frequencies that create balance and harmony within our bodies, while connecting us to the energy of the earth and the innate within.


During a session, energetic shifts may occur that gently support us in raising the vibration of our bodies. The higher your vibration, the healthier and more vibrant you are. These shifts may present in a mental, physical, spiritual or emotional manner. Because of our individual uniqueness, each person’s experience will be unique, and no two experiences will be the same. Set an intention to leave the session feeling balanced, calm, centered, grounded, nurtured, relaxed and refreshed.


Restorative yoga props are provided in-studio; however, you may wish to bring any personal yoga props, a water bottle, your favourite blanket or an eye pillow to enhance your comfort.


This is a registered offering. Studio passes are not valid for admission.

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